Logo Samarreta transparentIt is a scientific study of fin whale that develops EDMAKTUB Association to deepen the knowledge of the species Balaenoptera physalus , as well as the conditions and reasons that favor its presence in spring on the coast of Garraf , and in general, on the Catalan coast .


EDMAKTUB is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the study, dissemination, and conservation of the marine environment and specialized in cetacean (dolphins and whales) research.
EDMAKTUB is mainly dedicated to conducting scientific research projects, but we also run education programs to increase the knowledge people have of the marine environment. We carry out both independent research and collaborations with other organizations or research groups who are also work to learn and preserve the marine environment and its rich biodiversity, especially marine mammals, in order to develop more efficient conservation methods.


We carry out both own research and collaborations with other institutions and research groups.


We promote knowledge of the sea and cetaceans through lectures , conferences , training programs and informational materials.


We share the results of our work , not only in science , even among the general public.

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Did you see dolphins or whales ?

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If you see whales, dolphins or other cetaceans in the Catalan coast , please send us through WhatsApp or email the coordinates , number of animals , and if possible , photos and videos of them. Thank you in advance!